Lidcam HD-1

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The LidCam is going to turn the self video market upside down.

We have developed a video camera that mounts under the bill of your hat. Everywhere you look, you record! The LidCam has an amazing rotating lens that has the ability to rotate left or right to get that down the arrow or barrel shot you are looking for.

The LidCam weighs less than 4 ounces so it is lightweight and is completely hassle free to setup and use. With a 3 position preset zoom you can be sure to get the shot of a lifetime.

Accessories Included:
  • USB Cable
  • AV Video Cable
  • 12V Charger for Charge on the Go!
  • AC - Wall Charger


Color: Black

Resolution: 1080p

Zoom: 8x Zoom with 3 presets

Battery: Lithium-ion with up to 3 hours Record Time (12 hours stand by)

Lighting: Dual LED Lights

Direction: 60° Rotating Lens

Records High Quality Audio with Wind Noise Reduction Technology

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