1 Year Warranty Extension

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Purchasing this one-year warranty extension with a new LiDCAM will warrant your camera for a total of 2 years (the first year is included with the camera).

If you are purchasing this warranty extension for a LiDCAM purchased at Gander Mountain, please read below:

It has come to our attention that during the liquidation of Gander Mountain, the retail chain has placed for sale a number of very dated LiDCAM 720p cameras.  These cameras have been off the market for over a year and are no longer covered under our standard warranty, as the retail chain is selling them "as-is."  We cannot guarantee the functionality of these cameras and do not recommend purchasing LiDCAM 720p cameras from Gander Mountain.  If you have purchased a LiDCAM 720p during Gander Mountain's liquidation event, you may use this 1-Year Warranty Extension to warrant your camera.  Please note that proof of purchase for your camera is required for all warranty claims.

Registered LiDCAM cameras are covered by a 1 Year warranty. All products purchased prior to June 1, 2015 are not covered under the current warranty terms and conditions. LiDCAM products purchased from third-party resellers (such as Amazon or Ebay) are not covered under warranty unless they are purchased directly from Outdoor Product Innovations, Inc. or LiDCAM third-party stores. If you purchased your LiDCAM via a third party and are unsure about warranty coverage, please email customercare@lidcam.com.

To register your LiDCAM, please visit www.lidcam.com/warranty.