"I just clip it on my hat, and go. Can't say the same thing about a GoPro."
Barb Terry, hunter and TenPoint crossbows instructor
"The LidCam is so easy to use, I don't need to bother my kids to ask them how it works."
Dan Reaser, Co-host, The Outdoor Option
"My LidCam blends in perfectly, and when I look at the video, it's like I'm seeing my hunt all over again."
Garry Mason, Founder, Legends of the Outdoors
"I like the fact that my LidCam records in high definition video. That really makes a big difference."
Brian Travalik, Professional Videographer
"The last thing I want to do is waste time hooking a camera up to a tree or my blind. I pop my LidCam on my hat, and it comes with me."
Clay Owens, Hunting guide, Imperial Nebraska